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About us

Founded in 2013 by Joël Heyard and Aaron Baustert, Mayfex is a multimedia production company active in such fields as music, film and advertising. Years of experience, know-how as well as collaborations with highly skilled professionals gained us a reputation of delivering creative, professional and high-end level sound and audiovisual products for clients both small and large, national and international.


We provide services in the following areas.

Music Production

Composing • Arranging • Recording • Mixing • Mastering • CD Duplication

Film Sound

Film Scores • Audio Post Production • Foleys and Sound Effects • Off Voices • Dubbing

Music Services

Distribution • Publishing • Promotion • Music Videos • Album Artwork • Management


Radio, TV & Cinema Commercials • Corporate Films • Sound Logos • Jingles

Technical Services

Acoustical Treatment and Technical Equipment for Recording Studios

B2B Audio Services

Voice Mail • Automated Announcements • Audio Guides


All our sound studios are equipped with state of the art gear and operated by highly skilled engineers to produce the best possible sound for your project. Besides, the studios all have the latest remote recording technology aiming especially our overseas clients. On top of the great technical equipment our facilities provide a comfortable and relaxing environment and make of your production a unique and memorable experience.

Studio Mayfex

The creative room.

This is the studio where ideas become reality. It is mainly used for music arranging, the production of commercials and for pre-productions of various kinds. The studio consists of two rooms: a recording room, which can be used for drums, as well as a control room in a cozy lounge style where collaborations take place and creativity and ideas can be shared.
Room & Acoustics
- 20 square meter control room
- 25 square meter recording room
- Vicoustics acoustics
- ClearSonic panels

DAW and Recording Hardware
- Avid Pro Tools
- Apple Logic Pro
- Steinberg Nuendo
- RME Fireface UFX

- 2.1 Genelec 8020A
- 2.0 PMC TB2A
- 5.1 Yamaha HS8
- Crane Song Avocet II

- Focusrite ISA 828
- Summit Audio 2BA-211
- Avalon VT-737
- TC Electronic M4000
- SSL preamp
- Crane Song Trakker
- TC Electronic Finalizer

- Josephson C715
- Neumann U87
- Neumann TLM 103
- Josephson C42
- Shure SM58
- Shure SM57
- Electro-Voice RE20

Software Synths and Plug Ins (selection)
- Native Instruments Komplete 8
- Spectrasonics Stylus RMX
- Spectrasonics Trilian
- Spectrasonics Omnisphere
- Native Instruments Akoustik Piano
- RealStrat
- Waves SSL 4000

- Premier Gen-X Kit
- Yamaha Maple Custom Kit
- Fender Strat Custom Shop
- Epiphone Tremonti
Guitar Amp
- Fender Twin Reverb
- Fender Vintage Jazz Bass 74'
- Ibanez Active Bass

Studio Mayfex/Soundtastic

The film complex.

This complex of studios and offices is run by Mayfex and Soundtastic, our partner company specialized in dubbing. It is used for all film related recordings such as dubbing or audio post production. The main studio is built under Dolby specifications with a 226 inch/6 meter screen and 7.1 JBL cinema speakers. The complex consists of a cinema mixing room, a recording room, multiple editing/sound design stations, three dubbing stations as well as a comfortable meeting room with kitchen and living area.
Technical | Mixing Room
Room & Acoustics
- 85 square meter floating room
- AudioWorkx acoustics
- 226 inch / 6 meter projector screen

DAW and Recording Hardware
- Avid Pro Tools HD
- Steinberg Nuendo
- SSL Converters

- 7.1 JBL Cinema System
- Crown Amplifiers
- 5.1 PMC TwoTwo
- 7.1 Crane Song Avocet II Monitor Controller

- Avid 32 Fader Digital Mixing Console

- SSL Super Analogue Mic Amps
- SSL VHD Mic Amps
- SSL Super Analogue EQ
- SSL E-Series EQ
- SSL Super Analogue Dynamics
- SSL E-Series Dynamics
- Bricasti M7
- TC Electronic M4000
- SSL X-Patch

- Waves Bundles
- TC Electronic LM6
- Neyrink SoundCode LtRt Tools
- Audio Ease Altiverb
- Audio Ease Speakerphone
- Cedar DNS One
- Massenburg Labs EQ
- Sonnox Oxford Reverb

Technical | Recording Room
Room & Acoustics
- 25 square meter
- Acoustics by Alex the acoustician
- ClearSonic panels

DAW & Recording Hardware
- Avid Pro Tools
- Metric Halo Interface

- Mackie HR828

- Pendulum Audio Quartet

- Brauner Phantom
- Sennheiser MKH416

Dubbing Software
- Synchronos
- Steinberg Nuendo
- VoiceQ

Technical | Editing/Sound Design Stations
All our Editing/Sound Design Stations are equipped with Avid Pro Tools HD and Steinberg Nuendo with up to 5.1 Monitoring as well as a wide range of software instruments and a comprehensive sound and music library.

Studio Mayfex/G-Minor Music/1535°C

The music room.

We are planning to build, in collaboration with our music company G-Minor Music, a 250 square meter music studio with rehearsal rooms and a vintage instruments store, which will be located within the premises of the creativity hub 1535°C in Differdange.

On Location Recording

We also provide on location and live recording, whether it’s a small event or a big one such as recording an orchestra.


Soundtastic is our partner company for film sound. Run by experienced and skilled translators and technicians, Soundtastic is specialized in dubbing, re-recording and audio post production.

G-Minor Music

G-Minor Music is a music company and an integral part of Mayfex. It offers different music related services and consists of four parts: G-Minor Records, a full service record label, G-Minor Management, offering music management, G-Minor Productions, a music production company, and G-Minor Publishing, a music publishing company.
G-Minor Music


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